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Audio Recording And Transcription For Medical Scenarios



For this task, we are asking for recordings of speech from the text. We are using the recordings to improve language capabilities of various in the field of medicine.

Imagine you have a medical condition and are trying to describe this to a doctor. Given the conditions below what are different ways you would describe each condition in one or two sentences. The goal of this task is to train a voice activated assistant to understand medical conditions. Record yourself speaking your response and then write the transcription of your recording.

You will then record and submit that response in our interface. You can have as many attempts as you like to make the recording before you save it.

Categories and Examples


Example Phrase

Knee painI feel a clicking sensation in my knee each time I step.
Head AcheI feel a great amount of pressure on the sides of my head.
Muscle PainThere is a sharp pain in my bicep. I have tried to apply pain relief cream but it does not help.
Feeling dizzyWhen I stand up too quickly I start to feel dizzy and light-headed

NOTE: There may be multiple valid translations for a given prompt. CHOOSE THE MOST RELEVANT.


Once you have submitted all your recordings they will go through a review process. If your recording is accepted you will be awarded an additional 5 cents per recording.


For each given medical condition, please come up with different phrases or questions that you would tell to a doctor who is trying to diagnose your issue.


Recording speech:

Playing back speech and saving:

Type voice command:

Type the transcription for the voice command that you spoke. NOTE: You may use both Roman and Hindi scripts.

** To hear what you just recorded for transcribing purpose, CLICK "Save Recording" after you finish typing your voice command.

Quality and tips:

The speech must sound natural. It doesn't need to be slow - it is best if it is the speed that you would normally speak.

You need a microphone. The one in your computer or phone might work, but a dedicated headset or microphone might give better quality. Your browser will ask you for permission to use the microphone when you first load this task.

You should be in a quiet environment to limit the background noise. If you are in a loud office or you have background noise from traffic, machinery, other people, etc, then you shouldn't take this task.

The best way to test the quality is to listen back to your recording. You can do this as many times as you like before saving each recording!

Read prompt below and speak the appropriate phrase. After recording please transcribe the recording. Prepare to speak with you hit "START":

NOTE: When you save the recording you will no longer be able to replay it.

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