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Draw Bounding Boxes On The Parking Signs In The Images



In this task you will use a box tool to draw a tight rectangle around each parking sign in the images collected from San Francisco.


  1. Look over the provided image

  2. Determine if the picture has any of the parking signs we listed in the following examples to mark in it
    • If a parking sign is unclear and you cannot recognize text or color on the sign or is completely white  and hard to recognize  "DO NOT" box it!
    • If there are no parking sign to box, you must click 'Nothing to box'

  3. Mark the parking sign in the image with the tool provided
    • Put a VERY tight rectangle per parking sign 
    • Parking signs in San Francisco include "Street cleaning", "Accessible parking", "No Stopping", "Limited hour parking", "Passenger zone" and "Tow-away". You should box all of these signs. Only put rectangle on these types of parking signs. We are not interested in other parking signals. 
    • if a parking sign is partially visible only put rectangle if more than half of it is visible and you are sure that it is one of the parking signs listed in the instruction examples.
    • DO NOT box traffic signs! we provided examples images of the traffic signs at the end of the page. traffic signs include signs such as stop sign, no turn to left and ... such signs represent traffic regulations and not parking regulations. We are only interested on parking signs that listed in the instructions.
    • Parking signs have fixed locations often on side of the streets or sometimes on the walls. We are not interested in boxing the parking signals installed on the doors.
    • DO NOT box parking signs installed on the doors. Such signs are to avoid parking on the driveway or in front of a garage. Only box parking signs that are applied to a curb.
    • DO NOT box temporary parking signs. Temporary parking signs are located during constructions only and are remove after that and do not represent permanent parking regulations applied to curbs. Temporary parking signs do not have a fixed locations on the ground or walls and are movable. We have provided examples of such signs please look carefully and do not box such signs .
    • DO NOT box man-made signs installed on the windows of shopping stores or walls. Please look at the example to recognize the difference between parking signs and man-made objects that has text and may often be confused with parking signs.
    • If a parking signs is too far and small, faded, too white and you cannot recognize it as one of the desired signs that we listed in the instructions DO NOT box it.
    • Only provide one box for each parking signs.
    • If there are multiple parking signs in the images for each parking signs you should provide one rectangle.

Below you can see different types of parking signs that exist in San Francisco and we want to box in the images. If you see any of these parking signs in the image you should box them. Remember that we are only interested to put rectangles on these parking signs and not other parking signals.

Tow away parking signs are in white often with red text, bar and square on top and left corner. You should put rectangle on such parking signs.

Time limit parking are in white with green text and a green square o
n top left corner. You should put rectangle on such parking signs.

"No parking" and "no stopping" parking signs are in white with a red square on the top left corner. You should put rectangle on such parking signs.

"Accessible" or "disabled" parking sign are colored in blue with white text or all white with a symbol of a wheel chair. You should put rectangle on such parking signs.

"Passenger zone" parking signs are in white. You should put rectangle on such parking signs.

How to Use the Image Bounding Box Tool

How to add boxes:

  • Use the [+] button in the top left corner of the tool to create a box

  • You can then Grab the box that was created using the edges and drag or resize it into the appropriate position

How to Remove a Box:

  • To Remove a Box, click the box you want to delete (the box should be blue when selected) and click the Trash Can Icon in the Tool Tray

  • You can also select a box and press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard to delete

How to mark 'Nothing to Box'

  • If there is nothing to box, you should click 'Nothing to Box'
  • If you try to submit a unit without a box and without clicking 'Nothing to Box' you will encounter an error.




Example Images

  • Example Description?
Example Image?

  • You should box these parking signs as they are on of the parking signs listed in the instructions. You can recognize such signs from their text and red or green square on top left corner.

  • You should box all parking signs as long as you  can see color or text on the signs and are sure it is one of the parking sign listed in the instructions!
  • You should box "passenger zone" sign as well!
  • Draw tight rectangles even with the parking sign is partially occluded as long as you can see half or more of the sign!
  • Draw parking rectangles even when the parking signs are oriented!
  • There is a parking sign on the bottom corner of the image with the big tree

The following six examples show image where there is no parking sign to box. They contains traffic signs or parking signs installed on the doors which we are not interested to put rectangle.
  • Do not box traffic signs! The signs at the crossing in this image are all traffic signs and not one of the parking signs listed in the instructions.

  • This image contains man-made signs and temporary sign object.

  • The third image shows a parking meter not a parking signs. Do not put any box on the parking meter.

  • The fourth image contains a sign that points to a public parking or a parking garage! you should not box this sign.

  • The fifth image contains a parking signs for driveway in front of a door. You should not box it as this is not one of the parking sign we listed in the instructions.

  • The last image contains a sign that is installed on the door. Do not box the parking signs on the door.

Test Question Review

When you get a test question wrong, you will see an image like the following with red and green boxes. The red boxes are the boxes you made that are incorrect and the green boxes are the correct annotations. Please review these carefully since no written reasons will be provided for annotated images.

Validation in progress
Validation succeeded
Validation failed